The South African band Seether has found great success in America over their 12-year career. They released four albums from 2002 to 2007 and each of them went gold. They’ve had numerous hits the past few years with songs such as “Fine Again,” “Gasoline” and “Broken,” which featured Evanescence singer Amy Lee. Their new CD, Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray, was released May 17 and it quickly launched to the top of the U.S. rock charts.

The CD starts with the hard-hitting “Fur Cue,” which contains one of the best chorus’ on the disc, as well great riffs from the now former lead guitarist Troy McLawhorn, who abruptly left the band in March. The next few songs, “No Resolution” and “Here And Now,” are not nearly as powerful as the first and are somewhat drab. “Country Song” is a bit surprising because, well, it’s country-themed, yet it’s somehow one of the best tunes here.

The album shifts gears with the last few tracks. Vocalist Shaun Morgan seems to get upset and angry on “Down,” with lines like “Every breath you take is killing mine.” That said, it is one of the most memorable songs on the disc. The drums come alive on “Desire For Need,” which has a metal feel to it. The CD closes out with another emotional tune, “Forsaken.”

Maybe I was expecting the album to be a bit more ferocious than it actually was, but it wasn’t bad by any means. In fact, I think it is pretty damn impressive.

In A Word: Satisfying


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