Givers’ In Light is a chameleon of an album. “Up Up Up” is catchy and emits an overall giddy feel; it is clear why this song was chosen as a single. In contrast to the sugar rush-like first cut, “Meantime” has a relaxing tropical vibe to the first half of the album. “Saw You First” brings more of a rock sound to the record. Yet a little spice is added by the use of sound effects and a synth. After a fairly upbeat start, “Ripe“ brings a slew of sultry vocals to the table. “Noche Nada (A Lot From Me)” is a strong close to a strong beginning with its slower yet catchy and swayable atmosphere.

“Ceiling Of Plankton” could be about one’s love for another and how they’re similar. The song in general has a light summer love feel to it. The listener returns to the tropics with “In My Eyes,” which sits in a perfect spot on the album. Bringing a dreamy feel to In Light, “Atlantic” incorporates lush tones and “woah-ah-wos,” which helps make the second portion of the release full of songs that are incredibly pleasing to the ear. “Go Out At Night” has both dark and light elements buried within the song, whereas “Words” provides the listener with the same sugar high they acquired at the start of the album.

With the end of the album, the aftereffects of the sugar high the beginning of the album induced can still be felt despite the dreamy tropical lush the rest of the album oozed out.

In A Word: Imaginative


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