Miracle Fortress: Was I The Wave?

Was I The Wave?, the sophomore album by Miracle Fortress, is full of electronic indie-pop goodness. While listening, I couldn’t help but to think of Depeche Mode and Memory Tapes. It begins with “Awe,” a track that doesn’t set the tone for what’s next; the instrumental is far too mellow. In contrast, “Tracers” is full of trance and disco-infused instrumentation. “Raw Spectacle” is the longest cut on the album, but as a listener your attention won’t be lost, especially with the supernatural instrumentals and light, airy vocals. “Wave” has a sci-fi sound to it with its deep tones. On the upbeat side of the album, “Spectre,” provides a more danceable, less swayable outlet.

Was I The Wave? takes an indie alternative turn for the second half, starting with “Everything Works,” which is a song that the listener can either drive around with the windows down to or bop around their house to. My personal favorite songs, “Miscalculations” and “Immanent Domain,” are less electronic and more alternative but still thoroughly enjoyable and danceable. And to close out the album, “Until,” provides dream like instrumentals to bring Was I The Wave? down.

In A Word: Pleasing