Ikillya: Recon

Coming to us from New York City is the metal trio Ikillya. Following their 2006 demo, Call To Arms, the group hasn’t released anything else until now. Their first full-length album, Recon, became available in April.

The album starts out with a short intro track called “At My Signal.” It then jumps right into the badass “…And Hell Followed With Him.” This is when you can tell that vocalist Jason Lekberg seems to be so damn angry, a primary theme throughout the album. One of the better songs, “E.H.R.” is a bit more complex, containing some impressive guitar riffs to go along with Jason’s harsh vocals. An obviously happy tune, “Razorblades” is all about the drums and guitars and after listening to this track, the band seems like they could be the demon offspring of Lamb Of God.

The drums get vigorously smashed on “Godsize.” This song gets you pumped up and makes you want to go out and just beat the hell out of something. There are brief guitar solos on “Lifesblood” and “Bombs Away,” and even though they aren’t that long in duration, they are certainly noteworthy. The ninth listing, “Jet Fuel Genetic,” is without a doubt the standout track of the album. It starts out like most of the other songs but the chorus is incredibly catchy and the lyrics are diverse and well-written. The strange “Echoes In Eternity” rounds out the 36-minute, 10-song disc.

Almost all of the songs here aren’t that much different from each other, but that doesn’t make the CD bad. For their first album, Ikillya showed that they are a promising local band.

In A Word: Decent