Red Wanting Blue: From The Vanishing Point

Red Wanting Blue is led by singer/songwriter Scott Terry. The band has toured the U.S. for over a decade, releasing records for almost 15 years all while gaining a following around their Columbus, OH, home. Heartland rock ‘n’ roll, passionate songs and Terry’s baritone is what pulls fans Red Wanting Blue’s local every night shows.

“Stay On The Bright Side” is just what this band is all about: Staying positive in dark times and believing within yourself to do what you were born to do. Keyboards and string instruments accent the song along with a good beat leading into a short and sweet electric guitar lead.

Lyrics unfold the steady rhythmic single, “Audition,” as Scott Terry sings about being friends with a girl who he was once infatuated with, but could never tell her how he felt. While “Playlist” reels you in like a fish once again as Terry calls out, “Baby, baby, baby/ Your love’s on my playlist every time,” highlighted with harmonies that will surely coax fans to sing along.

Their single, “Cocaine,” will be a crowd pleaser that makes you want to break out your lighters for this rock ‘n’ roll ballad. While “Dinosaur,” gives you a heavier sound as drums and bass pick up, while the guitars offer up some good southern bluesy riffs. The song comes to a climax as guitar leads spit out during the chorus and in between Terry’s vocals.

“Hope On A Rope,” a tale of leaving home and breaking the mold as keys and a glockenspiel accent the melody. Bringing the album to a close is “My Name Is Death,” an acoustic piece combining gentle picking and Terry’s voice as he sings about what we all know as death.

In A Word: Refreshing