Right On Dynamite: In Vino Veritas

Right from the start you can tell from their lively brand of indie rock that this band is from Brooklyn. A few years ago the group released a five-track self-titled debut and embarked on their first-ever U.S. tour. This past summer the trio released In Vino Veritas, their first full-length album.

The first track of an album should really kick it off with some energy and originality. “Playing A Part,” however, was a bit too simple and safe, dragging on longer than it should have. While the second track, “See You Yesterday,” is better, offering a brighter, fuller sound that is more interesting all around. I know they can do better when I hear the guitar lead come alive, evoking a 1980s glam metal lead. This is the best part of the song.

The beginning chords to “What Would Ringo Do” reminds me of Van Halen’s cover of The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me,” but goes down deeper with tambourines and colorful guitar change-ups. Dynamic drum beats and guitar leads build up “No Fights” with flowing guitar leads that are beautifully done.

Tambourines start off “Anti-Meditation Song,” a short and haunting melody that gives off a stoner vibe, while “Monsters” is upbeat, filled with groovy bass hooks and tight drums. The album ends with “All For Naught,” an anthem with chanting words that to me, don’t make much sense. However, the band redeems themselves as the lead guitar and drum solo come alive and become carefree, bringing the song to its end.

The record isn’t bad, but it isn’t great. I felt Right On Dynamite held back from who they truly are. The songs were a bit too generic. I didn’t hear any hits, and I feel that with their talent, they could have done better by adding more of themselves as oppose to trying to stay genre-specific.

In A Word: Alluring