Psychoteria: I Think I’ll Just Stay Home

Psychoteria is quite the intriguing band. Errol Antzis, the founder of the project, has been a musician for more than 25 years and he plays guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion and sings for the group. Psychoteria’s third album, I Think I’ll Just Stay Home, covers many different musical styles and features guests Jan Akkerman on guitar as well as Jonathan Mover on drums.

“Way Out” introduces you to the album, and it’s certainly one of the highlights from the disc. The song contains some upbeat sound effects on the keys, and while Errol isn’t the best singer, the two striking guitar solos make up for it. For the most part, the next tune, “Acting Class – R&B,” gets much calmer while the guitar wails, making this a pleasant instrumental. “I Think I’ll Just Stay Home” isn’t the most well sung song as Antzis basically repeats the name of the song over and over, though it is somewhat catchy.

The fourth listing, “The Soft And The Hard,” is another instrumental. While the pace changes back and forth, the one thing constant in the song is the intriguing guitar play. Errol surprises and sings very well on “Anatomy,” which is arguably the most complete track on the album. “The Loner” is such an emotional tune as it seems like Antzis is crying out for help, repeating that he doesn’t like to be alone yet doesn’t like anyone he finds. The piano/guitar mixture on “I Used To Be” makes this expressive melodic tune very enjoyable.

This 12 track, 40-plus minute disc really isn’t too shabby. It’s both mellow and easy-listening while it incorporates some phenomenal smooth guitars and good drumming. If you’re looking for something to chill out to, I Think I’ll Just Stay Home may be your answer.

In A Word: Serene