Halloween, Alaska: All Night The Calls Came In

Halloween, Alaska’s 10-track album, All Night The Calls Came In, starts off on a relaxed note with “You Are Not Well.” “Analogue” features a fun beat for most of the song until it mellows and turns into noise. A romantic guitar riff, melodious vocals and hand claps lead the listener into “Empire Waist,” the fourth cut on All Night The Calls Came In. “The Jealous Ones” has a bittersweet sound to it. The keys provide a pleasant, graceful feel whereas the lyrics carry some weight. Lo-fi vocals start “Dead Air,” which is matched with a freeing keys, drums and guitars to create the catchiest piece on the release.

The ninth track, “Tables,” has some of the darkest feeling lyrics and also the strongest, most moving vocal performances on the album. The ballad ended up being my favorite song on the record. “In Your Sleep,” the last track, is a somewhat romantic tune with double-tracked vocals that are done in a tasteful way.

Overall, Halloween, Alaska’s album sounds like something you could pick up in a local coffee shop. The vocal harmonies blend together smoothly and naturally, which makes for easy listening.

In A Word: Tasteful