“I am a true ‘80s and ‘90s type of guy,” says Michael McClinton in describing the music on his new CD, Still Holding On. “I was in bands back then and opened for acts such as King’s X, Manowar, Child’s Play, Firehouse, Winger and many others. It’s a wide range of everything, wrapped into one. When I started, it was a mix of that ‘80s and ‘90s style.”

The album was recorded with John Collura, who has built a stellar reputation in the business as guitarist with The Ataris. “When I met with John, we started to discuss what I was looking for in my music and how I wanted it to sound,” says Michael. “I’d take my songs to him, and we’d go over every part. If needed, we will rewrite and talk about what’s worth keeping and what’s going to be popular in the industry today. Some examples of what it’s like are Hinder, Stone Temple Pilots and Daughtry. There is a mix of songs. Every song fits, but they are not the same. This is what is making it come together so well. There is something for everyone.”

The musicians on the recordings include Paul Carabello, also a guitarist with the Ataris, John on the bass, and two drummers: Phil Robinson from The Autopilots, and Mike Hickey from Pictures In Braille. Michael has also put together a band to take on the road. “We have a big fan base,” he says. “Funny story, it started with a video of a song called ‘Walk Away.’ At that point it just got bigger and bigger. We now have fans all over the world. I get at least 10 to 20 emails a day from places such as Sweden, Australia, Japan, Norway, and across the USA. They’re asking when the CD will be released, or another video, or were they can get my music.”

The live band includes Joe Currie on keyboards, Johnny Race on lead guitar, Mike Oaks on rhythm guitar, Steve Greaves on bass, and Ed “Field Marshall” Lewis on drums. Joe was formerly in Rotgutt, which featured Anthony Cumia of Opie And Anthony fame.

Michael has received a lot of comments on the songs he has posted online, which gives him a good idea of which are the more popular ones. “Fans have responded saying they really like the songs ‘Good Friends,’ or ‘All In The Past.’ Then there are other fans that like the song ‘So Lost.’ I do not feel one song on the album is the same. It’s funny, YouTube has become my best friend, as well as Facebook.”

Personally, Michael’s favorite song is one of the newest tracks on the new album. “I would have to say one of my favorite songs would be the newest song we just finished recording,” he relates. “It’s called ‘Change.’ When we recorded it the first time, I hated it. It’s just not me. I write the songs from my experiences, things that happen in my life. I’m the type of person who wears my heart on my sleeve when comes to my music. I found that most of my writing comes straight from my heart, and the people in my life.”

Hooking up with John, as well as Paul, turned out to be just what Michael needed to get his music to the next level. “I was recording in West New York and was very unhappy with what we were doing,” he recalls. “After losing my label, we were looking for a better way to record. So I talked to my new label, and they said that I could work with John. We started working together immediately. He told me, ‘This is how we do things,’ and we completed the first song. Everything seemed to fall into place from there. John and Paul are great producers and we work very well together.”

You can check out Michael at michaelmcclintonrocks.com. You can also hear Michael’s music on ilike.com, youtube.com and reverbnation.com. He also has a live DVD that is available by emailing him at singermichaelmcclinton@yahoo.com.

“My goals are set high, I would say,” Michael concludes. “I would love to play at the Grammys one day with my song ‘Walk Away.’ Then open my own recording studio and become a music producer.”

Michael and the band will be opening for Ace Frehley at Mulcahy’s in Centereach, NY, on Oct. 30.

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  1. John Walters

    What the fuck is this. Do a little fact checking before you publish an article about someone. The music is actually pretty horrible, and the vocals are even worse.

    Not one part of this story is accurate. You have published an article of a bipolar.

  2. Leone Mariata

    This man is riding on someone’s coat-tails, didn’t arrange any of the songs on his own, had someone else do it for him. Also heard there is copyright infringement with this album…

  3. Anonymous

    How dare you! The singer is as bipolar as your comment… he resembles that remark. Not to mention the songs are about a girl he harrassed and threatened.

  4. michael

    im riding the coat tails of no one and as far as …and there is no copyright inf on this album ….and if there is please show proof ..the song this guy is talking about was taking off the album i wrote the music and he wrote the words ..ask to be taken off and we did so and replaced it … as far as this girl goes she cheated on me her husbend and every one ales and and wanted a pitty party …get thing strait …and Anonymous if you have ever worked in the music bizz you would know studio guys write all the time …i have all the song ..done three ways and john and paul just help put them the way thy are today my songs …LEONE do you even own the cd i think not i have every one of the names and emails to evey CD sold and funny how 200 ppl say the album is great and some ass clown …that has know clue could post that …..the songs were wrote about a time in my life about things that happen in my life . not some girl that wanted to run my life and every one around hers and Bipolar …hmmm funny word look it up then look around you and some ppl you know …move on

  5. michael

    just to add ppl are going to love me and ppl are going to hate me … i love the ppl that love me and i love the ppl that hate me even more …keep talking about me ..I LOVE IT

  6. Johnny Race

    “MCCLINTON” The Hardest Workin’ Rock N Roll Band…Loved Or Hated, But Never Ignored !! I Guess I’m Proud Living On The “Coat Tails”…Of “The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, KISS, Led Zeppelin, Guns & Roses & Oasis”…Bad Publicity Is The Best Publicity !! Rock N Roll Is All Hard Work !! Come Work With Us & See If You Last A Day Or Two !!…Just Sayin’ !!

  7. Johnny Race

    If You Wanna Rock With “MCCLINTON”…Be There & Experience What Rock N Roll Is All About !! Until Then…Experience Your Sayings !!

  8. Karma

    Scumbag… In every sense of the word… MIchael McClinton is nothing but a low life that sponges off of the talent around him. Anyone can go into a studio and Fart into the microphone… n with the right producer n engineer… they can turn it into a million dollar hit! Try doin it live buddy… N if u went to see him you would thoroughly be wasting your money. The musicians in the band are great… its the music that is mediocre and the “singing” (if thats what u wanna call it) is completely horrendous… Like I said… anyone can sound ok in the studio… Then again… Ther is only so much you can polish a terd. In summation… Steer clear of this lying con man at all costs. If u create a bridge with him… He will surely use it, cross it and then proceed to burn it like he has with pretty much every bridge before. And as for the players … Quit wasting your talent with a toothless, no talent, dead end sponge on you and the rest of society. A million thumbs down to Michael McClinton and his warped sense of reality and dillusions of grandeur. Time to wake up old man and realize that karma is going to get you. Its inevitable. That is all.

  9. michael

    like i said keep talking sorry you could not cut it and never will ….this can be one of two ppl and old guitar player who never had it never will ….or some one who wanted to take over something he could never have …happen the bast part of this that McCliton are tighter and better then ever and just check out the videos on youtube the songs are live and as johnny said come out and see for yourself ….keep talking we love it

  10. Leone Mariata

    I would never own a CD with horrible vocals..what is that…meth addict vocals??…lay off the pipe plz.! ONLY 200 people, you must really suck…too bad, you’re band is awesome!!! Please replace singer! thanxxx!

  11. Leone Mariata

    Johnny Race –you are so awesome, love you and your style… too bad your singer sucks, seen hoes givin’ blow jobs that holla’ better…..hey, check out Hotbox 69 plzzzzzz. TY! Oh, Aquarian I WANT to win stuff PLZ!!!!

  12. michael

    what a joke even your logo is a joke ..200 sold out in two weeks with out any one knowing we had them ass clown …..we were asked not to make more by the label .till re release …..get a clue

  13. Art Van Delay

    Wow…lot’s of haters on here….seems like there are alot of jealous “artists” (sarcasm) who want to take a good guy down because he’s making something of his life and music. It’s amazing what kind of leeches and self loving ego assholes there are out there that actually believe they are musicians…when in fact they just love copying or leeching other peoples stuff and calling it their own….simply amazing. Looks like these haters have too much time on their hands to care about what MM is doing…that’s got to make MM feel good….and good for him if he succeeds. C’mon people get a life and stop trolling your way into other people’s lives and music cause you suk.. Move along now….losers. Go MM!


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