The Veda Rays: Gamma Galaxy Veda Rays Rays Rays

The Veda Rays’ first full-length album, Gamma Galaxy Veda Rays Rays Rays, blends together indie pop, post-rock, art rock and retro pop with interesting tones, effects and moods to bring a unique sound to the forefront. The nine-track disc begins with “All Your Pretty Fates.”

The dreamy first track incorporates bright guitars and drums with vocals to send the listener floating into their own world. “Honey Pot” features a dark, bewitching groove with mysterious ‘hey, heys,’ which makes it a stand-out track. By playing with various guitar tones as well as distant and echoing vocals, “Long May She Roll” brings up the mood a bit and keeps the album on an upswing.

The bellowing bass and guitars backed with the moody vocal tone makes “Ellipsis” one of the heavier sounding tracks. The guitar work in “Deleted” makes the eighth track truly mind-blowing. The airy vocals featured in the song cannot take away from the power and emotion beneath the vocals. The energetic “Just Dust” features monumental performances across the board to end the release with a bang. As an added bonus, an acoustic version of “All Your Pretty Fates” is also on the album. In the stripped-down version of this tune, one can really bask in Jim Stark and Jimmy Jenkins’ voices without all the added effects.

For their first full-length, The Veda Rays brought a little bit of everything to the table to satisfy the listener’s every need.

In A Word: Erratic