New Found Glory: Radiosurgery

New Found Glory is back with their seventh studio album, Radiosurgery. In its entirety, Radiosurgery, focuses on love-heavy motifs, dealing primarily with breakups. Catchy choruses and upbeat guitar riffs, bass grooves and slamming drums keep the listener from feeling too down.

The album starts off with a more pop-rock and less pop-punk sound with the title track. However, “Anthem For The Unwanted” brings back said pop-punk vibe with the sing-along-ready “ohs,” strong guitar riffs and classic New Found Glory style vocals. The beginning of “I’m Not The One” and the end of “Dumped” feature an old-style radio broadcast, which adds more character to Radiosurgery. Though still catchy, “Ready, Aim, Fire” features more melodious vocals with more chill verses but with an up-swinging chorus.

“Dumped,” despite the aforementioned radio bit, is a cliché breakup song. The album redeems itself quickly, however, with the slower pace, darker tones and beautiful harmonies between Jordan Pundik and Bethany Cosention on “Caught In The Act.” And just to give Radiosurgery another jolt of life, “Memories And Battle Scars” does the trick with its sleek guitars. Oddly enough, “Map Of Your Body,” the final cut on Radiosurgery, is the song that stands out the most. The doo-wop break in the middle gives the listener a quick wakeup call until the passion and energy of the cut is thrown back into it to close out the release with a bang.

In A Word: Catchy