Talia Segal: The Thing Itself

Washington D.C.’s Talia Segal has released a remarkable album titled The Thing Itself. This passionate creation is dripping with emotion, optimism and talent. The youthful vocals of Segal are showcased perfectly in these 10 tracks that address the issues of family, nostalgia and unrequited love.

The Thing Itself is an entirely unique pop-rock album. It is characterized by the slow sounds of acoustic guitar and captivating beats. Songs such as “The Science Of Falling” and “Raggedy Andy” have near-lullaby melodies that serve to be both cathartic and relaxing. Talia Segal’s lyrics establish emotion in every track, which is further accentuated by serene instrumentals and calming tempos.

The structure of the album is not entirely complex. Most of the songs sound remotely similar in terms of melody and could be easily mistaken for one another. However, what sets the The Thing Itself apart is the sheer passion in Segal’s voice. The soft guitar sounds are merely background to her vibrant, distinctive vocals.

“Firefly” stands out because it has a radically different melody than the rest of the songs, which all sound vaguely alike. The instruments are louder and the melodies are more pronounced. The beat is less a background and more a powerful tool used to convey the ideas of anger and bitterness, emotions that are absent throughout the rest of her album.

Overall, The Thing Itself is an expressive CD that tells the story of an ordinary human being. Although the instrumentals are not entirely complex, they are valuable in that they accentuate the passion present in Segal’s voice. The album is communicative, relatable and overwhelmingly meaningful.

In A Word: Sentimental