The Music: Songs You May Have Missed is a compilation released on Parkrock Records featuring musicians that you should have heard, but probably didn’t. The 15-track disc features artists spanning across the pop and rock genres with some blues and soul thrown in for flavor.

The album starts off with a bang, as all the first three cuts are solid, catchy and each of them brings something different to the table. The other songs are unique as well, however, some of them get lost among their stronger and snappier competition. For example, “Tell Me It’s Snowing” by The Glass is introduced with a fantastic instrumental section both soothing and haunting, which makes it pop out—until the vocals come in. Then the gorgeous harmonies of the soft guitars, chilling drums and deep bass groove are replaced with a shaky voice that takes the edge off.

The Music: Songs You May Have Missed isn’t a lost cause though, cuts like “High Highs,” “Back Seat,” The Romantic” and “What If It All Works Out” help to save the day. As a fan of the big band movement, “The Romantic” is a sweet treat. With its sultry brass section and swanky keys, this track lives up to its name and could easily set the mood for a night in with a special someone. The acoustic “Woman Of Hope” features a lone female voice relaying a message that is so empowering it is almost as if there were 10 of her, strumming guitars and belting out lyrics.

The Music: Songs You May Have Missed is much like going to a thrift store, sometimes you’ll walk out with a gem and other times you’ll walk out empty-handed. However, if you listen to the disc with an open mind, who knows what treasures you might find?

In A Word: Inconsistent

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