Electric Six’s eighth album, Heartbeats And Brainwaves, is a funky, eclectic mix that cannot be contained. With elements of rock, R&B, and nü-garage, the album is a melting pot of upbeat music and experimental energy. The 14 tracks are vastly distinct, yet tied together by a fun-loving attitude and unmistakable sense of creativity.

Each song on the CD is entirely unconventional, introducing new elements to Electric Six’s trademark peculiarity. It begins with eerie, techno track “Psychic Visions,” which features a mysterious beat and electronic noises. Ghostly background vocals accentuate its already unsettling beat. The unusualness of “Psychic Visions” paves the way for an abstract, imaginative album.

“It Gets Hot” provides listeners with a serving of R&B flavor. This animated dance anthem starts off slow before exploding into a fast-paced, club melody. The song’s crude lyrics give it an attitude and edge that show off Electric Six’s daring, do-anything mindset. In contrast, the following song, “The Intergalactic Version,” is retro and electronic, with a soothing, feel-good vibe. Its lyrics sound like that of a modern love single, but altered by the band’s quirks and eccentricities.

Introducing Heartbeats And Brainwaves to yet another sound is the bizarre and entertaining creation “Food Dog.” This track starts off with the menacing sounds of a dog growling and a harsh clapping beat. The angry lyrics speak of unrequited love with a disorienting hostility. However, the CD would not be complete without traditional rock single “Hello, I See You There.” With sharp guitar sounds, the track provides a sense of familiarity.

Electric Six’s Heartbeats And Brainwaves is an absurd, inventive work that delves into numerous genres. Its additional elements prove to be both clever and stimulating.

In A Word: Varied

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