Borkowski: Songs You Won’t Like On An Album You Don’t Want

Songs You Won’t Like On An Album You Don’t Want is the full-length debut work of New Jersey native Tim Borkowski. Borkowski is the winner of three consecutive “Special Lifetime Achievement” awards and is the frontrunner for this year’s due to the fact that these awards come from the organization Borkowski created with the sole intention of giving himself accolades. That pretty much sets the tone for what you’re going to encounter on this album; almost nothing can be taken seriously.

The songs featured are advertised as ones about crazy stuff that pops into his head, which isn’t surprising at all. To start off, “Introduction” leads into “Everybody Wants To Commit Suicide,” with its talk of how “everybody wants to get cancer and die,” amongst many other outrageous claims, accompanied with playful guitars and “schoop-schoop-de-doo’s.” The insanity continues with songs like “Humans Against Pregnancy,” “The Universe Is Annoying,” and “Your God Sucks,” in which Borkowski claims the concept of procreation was his idea, states that he’s the greatest philosopher of all time, and denounces religion. Each song is again paired with a fun and light tone that makes you laugh. On the first half of the disc, his indie rock antics sound like something from Foster The People.

“Interlude I (Edgar’s Purpose)” makes up for what it lacks in lyrical craziness (it’s an instrumental) with its awesome and erratic beats, which is turns out to be my favorite off the record. The second half of the album then starts to go downhill, with overuse of the echo effect and dark, dreary, slow songs that drag on too long. “Panoply Of Rainclouds” and “Bottom Of Lonesome” show that his nonsense isn’t as entertaining in slow motion.

Quirks and idiosyncrasies aside, this album is musically sound. The instrumentals are great and Borkowski’s voice is clean. Anyone can tell from the absurd song titles and the ramblings in the lyric book that he really showcased his personality on this album and had a hell of a lot of fun with it, which is what it’s all about.

In A Word: Amusing