Rotary Club: Second Year In Swine

Although Rotary Club’s lineup tends to change, leaving Tom Devaney as the only static musician, the band’s new LP, Second Year In Swine, is a flowing collection of eclectic indie-pop with some post-rock twists. Throughout the release, a twangy guitar tone reoccurs and boosts up the quirky sound of Second Year In Swine— especially when matched with Devaney’s nasally vocals. Each track is extremely catchy, whether it’s the lyrics that are embedded into your brain or any of the instrumentals, and one is guaranteed to be humming or singing throughout the disc.

The quartet keeps things interesting by balancing the album with some instrumentals, which are heavier and harder than some of the other cuts. “Millie’s Variety” is certainly a variety within itself. Along with its heavier vibe, “Millie’s Variety” also incorporates light, almost classical, strings to switch things up a bit on the sophomore release. Following the piece is another one of the same style, titled “Take The 7 Train,” which acts more as an interlude and is the shortest listed. The number adds an uneasy feeling to the disc for the brief amount of time that is played. From that point on, Second Year In Swine takes on an alternative-folk sound. “Multicolored Rings” has a prominent drum beat, pleasant strings and a long reprise at the end. The finale ended up being the stand out track. The swinging, bluesy, cut is the icing on the cake to the offbeat release.

In A Word: Decent