Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real: Wasted

Wasted by Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real proved to be a phenomenal album. With its irrefutable energy and emotionally relatable lyrics, the CD is heartwarming and enjoyable. It contains universal ideas, such as the struggle of unrequited love, friendship, and having pride in where you come from.

With its beautiful harmonies and biblical references, the album is traditionally country. Wasted touches upon many human struggles and emotions. On one hand, it features numerous songs that are joyful and uplifting. “Golden Rule” and “Ain’t No Answer” are primary examples of this. “Golden Rule” is characterized by an old-fashioned tune and wholesome vocals. Similarly, “Ain’t No Answer” opens with a string of extremely catchy guitar chords. With its repetitive, story-telling lyrics, it closely resembles a folk song. It paints the image of how much a person could do if they simply forgot all their troubles.

Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real also included various tracks that are slow, depressing, and ultimately heart-breaking. “The Joint’s” dreary feel conveys an utter sense of hopelessness. It is over six minutes long, creating the illusion that the pain is never ending. “Give me something to think about but you” the singer begs, evoking pity in the listener. “Time Is…” talks about heartbreak with its nostalgic elements and disheartening melody.

Additionally, Wasted also manages to portray people’s carefree tendencies. “Running Away” conveys a worry-free attitude with its repetitive drum riffs, clapping, and chiming sounds. Its blissfulness is exemplified when the song breaks off into a fun whistling solo.

After listening to Wasted, I felt fully satisfied. Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real managed to create a sentimental album that is also a pleasant listen.

In A Word: Heartwarming