The dirty and filterless Andrew Williams has reunited with Canada’s The Sadies. Night And Day is the most recent release from the collaboration of the two and is full of lyrics that clearly show that Williams is not holding anything back. The 13-song disc starts off with light, enchanting “bum bum dings,” which contrasts against the roughness of Williams’ voice. The ranting-styled “America (You Say “A Chance Is Gonna Come”)” is slower, with Western like guitars and harmonious backups. The second track does shine some light on the downsides of living in America. The numbers on Night And Day are relatively short, which helps to keep the attention of those listening to it.

Williams does have some more tongue-in-cheek type of songs such as “Your Old Lady,” as it tells the story of a man who gets out of jail and gets his girlfriend sent back to him from the narrator (presumably Williams). The funky narration has some slick guitar work in it which helps it stand out. Not all tracks on the release are winners, however, such as “Mississippi And Joliet,” which lacks in creativity and feels like a repetitive three-and-a-half minute nightmare. The soulful and rocking “One-Eyed Jack” makes up for the lackluster pieces on Night And Day. The cut has the catchiest chorus on the album as well. Williams & The Sadies shows off a softer side with “That’s My Desire.” Williams opts to add some class and romance into the overall classless disc with a duet featuring Sally Timms. In contrast to its predecessor, “Me And My Dog” is a classic, soulful blues number complete with a sexy bassline.

Andre Williams & The Sadies put an original twist on a classic sound to create an album that is as smooth as fine whiskey.

In A Word: Swanky

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  1. Bon 'n' Jim

    ‘Just heard “Your Old Lady” on the radio. My life’s been enriched.

    Bob ‘n’ Jim


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