Cherri Bomb: This Is The End Of Control

Cherri Bomb is an up-and-coming group of badass girls (yes, they’re all girls) who have been rocking the L.A. punk and rock scene since their inception back in 2008. The group is managed by Samantha Maloney and features Julia Pierce on vocals and guitars, Nia Lovelis on vocals and drums, Miranda Miller on vocals, guitar, and keys, and Rena Lovelis on vocals and bass. This Is The End Of Control will mark their first full-length effort and it hits shelves May 15. The songs featured are all full of energy and have a lot of grit, but many of them still need some polishing.

“Take This Now” is the opener and it comes in slow with subpar lyrics—but at the same time, it creates a cool, eerie feeling. Then, just as you get comfortable, they hit you with the hard and powerful “Better This Way.” It punishes you with blistering speeds and it features great guitars and a pretty catchy chorus. It’s an excellent transition from the disc’s opener. They tend to stick with the heavier guitar for a lot of their stuff, like in “Act The Part” and “Shake The Ground,” but at some points, it’s hard to tell whether or not they’re trying too hard.

“Sacrificial Lamb” marks the best song off the record. With its cool organ and chorus opening along with grunge kind of feel, it’s fairly different than the majority of what’s on the disc. On the other side of the story is “Heart Is A Hole,” which is their attempt at a ballad. Other than a mediocre chorus, the whole song was pretty flat. Their move out of their comfort zone didn’t work in this case. On the whole, it’s an alright album, but halfway through it loses speed drastically and by the end of “Hold On,” with its clearly forced vocals, I was happy to say that it was over.

In A Word: Decent