Flyinfisch: Always Dreaming

Flyinfisch is a pop, reggae and everything in between group hailing from New York, NY. Their full-length record, Always Dreaming, will hit shelves on May 1. The group is the brainchild of lead vocalist Adrian Fischer as their stuff utilizes many different styles and genres. Trained since age six in jazz piano, a young Fischer became versed in Venezuelan forms of percussion and over the years, he was increasingly fascinated with layers of syncopation and recording music. Falling around him are Jose Luis Pardo on guitars and Chris De Rosa on drums. Flyinfisch’s music really showcases all of the group’s different backgrounds and interests with their assorted sounds.

The album’s title-track, “Always Dreaming,” ushers listeners into a somewhat dreamlike state with its smooth, flowing chorus and slow, calm bridge. Despite dragging on for what seemed like too long, it’s definitely a solid track. Other peaceful tracks bring a lot to this multifaceted album including “Flow,” “All The Same,” and “Love Is.” On the other end of the spectrum are songs like “Baby Don’t Want To Go” and “Let’s Do It,” with their awesome bass, fun ambiance and their ability to give my feet that incessant want to move. “Orange Crossing,” however, is probably the best cut off the record with its awesome heavy guitar riffs and high-octane fun.

There’s a little bit of everything on this album, and from the “dreamlike” sounds, to the fun poppy ones, to the even borderline trippy parts of “Don’t Give In,” you don’t know what to expect next. The only thing you can expect is that you’re going to be impressed with Adrian Fischer and his group Flyinfisch. They were able to take a lot of very unique sounds and bring them together and make them their own very successfully on this disc. I was extremely pleased.

In A Word: Diverse