Indie duo The Mastersons have come a long way from where they are rooted in Austin, TX. With their fresh release, Birds Fly South, which just hit shelves on April 10, the success that they once dreamed of is now a tangible reality. This guy and girl duo is unique even within their genre because they are actually a married couple. This style of back-and-forth serenading does seem old-fashioned, but they are looking to put a new spin on it by not writing only love songs. The Mastersons do not entirely achieve their goal of not becoming musical clones of Sonny and Cher because it’s too easy to fall into that kind of romantic niche. The 11 tracks of Birds Fly South are as easy-going as a walk in the woods.

During the song “The Other Shoe,” you experience a great example of one of those love songs where dual vocals intertwine with a floating melody. At the very least, The Mastersons do a good job of counter balancing each other musically. Light and airy vocal styles complement the instrumental folk aspects of many of their songs, such as “Crash Test.” On the other hand, an interesting deviation from the main focus of the record is the song “Money.” This track tells a simple story about the struggle with and the influence of money. After all, the pair is capable of switching things up. This couple is a talented one and since reviving this old-school style, the band might really have good things going for them. The Mastersons are a dreamy folk lover’s acoustic cup of tea.

In A Word: Cute

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