Matt Simons backs his soulful vocal tone with contemporary R&B and pop beats. The 10-track disc features seven original pieces, a cover of Death Cab For Cutie’s “I Will Follow You Into The Dark,” an in-studio performance of “Fall In Line,” and an acoustic version of “Pieces.” Working backwards, Simons’ cover of “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” was a bit of a disappointment because it felt like there was no connection with the song itself and his voice just didn’t sound right for this particular song by DCFC. Although there weren’t too many differences in the two versions of “Pieces,” I preferred the acoustic one because it had a sweeter and much rawer sound to it. The starting track, “Emotionally Involved,” is the biggest sounding cut on Pieces. Between his powerful voice as well as the danceable and fun beats, Simons starts off his release on the right foot. Simons shows off a much softer side to himself during “With You,” which features some of the best piano work on Pieces.

Although most numbers on the disc are pretty melancholy, “Best Years” picks up the whole album with its bouncy keys and guitars as well as Simons’ carefree tone. There really aren’t any numbers on the release that were horrible, not counting the cover. Matt Simons has a charismatic voice that is loveable and warm, much like John Mayer.

In A Word: Hot

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