Anthony D’Amato: Paper Back Bones

Spirited bluesy songwriting fused with pedal steel style Americana are what has become of the music of Anthony D’Amato. Paper Back Bones, the current album from this fledgling folk singer, will be released on May 29 as a follow-up to 2010’s Down Wires. Southern style guitar parts and the complement of strings allow for this artist to stand out in the genre of modern folk rock. The second track, “Songbirds,” is slow and simple, but this heart-broken tale-telling is pleasant to the ears. The most interesting quality about this singer-songwriter is his advanced instrumental ability. With the added performances of a few guest artists, D’Amato plays guitar, bass, keyboard, banjo, mandolin, accordion, harmonica, and pedal steel solely on Paper Back Bones.

At only 24 years old, this musician has become accomplished at more instruments than the average performer does in a lifetime. “On The Banks Of The River Where I Died” is a melancholy song that maintains a catchy, fast pace as it plays through. “Arrowhead” takes a somber turn that sticks with you, but is soon relieved by the tune of “Paper Back Bones.” The title track may be the best song on the album, where D’Amato’s knack for melody making is at the forefront. “Silver & Gold” is filled with syrupy-sweet lyrics and country influences that peak with a solo. Near the record’s end, “Battle Of The Sleepless” borders on becoming a lullaby in the best sense of the word, floating on in the nature of a lazy summer day. This laid back method of musicianship does not grow tiresome as Paper Back Bones plays through.

In A Word: Flourishing