Hi Electric: Hi Electric

Originating in Memphis, TN, Hi Electric is fleshing out a place for themselves in contemporary rock and roll. Since the group got their start in one of the most merited cities of rock’s fabrication, they are expected to accomplish great things. These alternative rockers just released their self-titled record in early 2012. With unadulterated vocals over a multitude of loud guitars, this band plays in a style that pays homage to the rock of the ‘90s. The disc opens with “Bicycle Blades,” a song that would seamlessly blend into the playlist of any grunge satellite radio station. The vocalist’s passive style of singing allows for the gritty riffs of Hi Electric to be counterbalanced in an interesting way.

The outfit sticks to their guns with signature rock-oriented playing and they do a decent job of it on this record. The fourth song on the album, “Open Cuts,” peaks halfway through with a noteworthy guitar solo. “Fooling Myself” begins with a fiery guitar part that continues to maintain its groove throughout the track’s length. The only time you really hear some of the band’s Southern origins are in the traditional, sometimes blues-inspired guitar riffs and solos. The group ventures upon an intriguing departure for their established norm with a distorted synth accent on the eighth song, “Come Down.” They are sure to appeal to the mainstream as well as avid listeners. Hi Electric does a fine job shaping out an individual sound on this record.

In A Word: Reminiscent