In 2012, the Icelandic duo made up of Jón Atli, otherwise known as “Sexy Lazer,” and Gísil Galdur, will be releasing their debut, self-titled album, Human Woman. This new disc will be the first full-length to be released by the band since their first EP, Delusional, put out in late January 2012. The guys have come a long way since they started out composing for Icelandic theaters. The album clearly follows its intent in that it produces exactly what it was made for, a satisfaction for the craving left behind from the EP that Human Woman released as a teaser.

The consistency of beats and ripping electronic bass riffs is what makes this music the kind that could certainly keep a crowd of people cavorting on a dance floor. The most interesting track on the album is titled “White Knight.” It contains a fusion of a more crisp bass tone mixed with an electronic drum kit in its introduction. All of the songs share a common hypnotic drone to them, which is perfect for anybody wishing to just shut their eyes and move their head back and forth into an audio-induced coma. A hidden section at the end of the last song, “Sleepy,” is a sound that cannot be described with words. Anybody interested in this album must hear it for themselves. The connections and lack of emptiness between tracks makes Human Woman into one big illusion-feeling masterpiece that leaves plenty of space for thoughts and dreams.

Sexy Lazer and Galdur have created a true work of art in an electronic-pop style that could please many fans of the genre. As Human Woman progresses in their career, their fans can fantasize about what direction these Icelandic geniuses will take with their next record.

In A Word: Hypnotic

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