The Nico Blues’ Die Happy, which was released earlier this year, is a six-song EP that fluctuates between high-energy ass-kicking jams and some slower yet still rocking ones thrown in. The North Jersey band has a strong DIY principle, which tessellates into their raw, yet polished recordings. The release starts off with “Dementia In Three Dimensions,” which has a laid back, shoegazing vibe to it. Although it’s perfect just to kick back to, the cut still packs a punch. Almost immediately, the mood changes with the catchy “Sinking Or Standing.” Full of loud and dirty vocals mixed with guitars, the outfit’s second number has the tone of Die Happy changing almost as fast as it was set.

Throughout the release, the quintet’s sound constantly changes, going from up-tempo and infectious songs to much mellower ones. Such is the case with “Melodic Death Jam,” which shows that with its long instrumental piece, the band can still stand on their own. “I Could Be Your Pet” is quite possibly the strongest track on the album. It’s hooky, bouncy, and on the overall, it just makes you feel good. As an added bonus, the song could easily be applied as a cute romantic song or one of an over-obsessing significant other who doesn’t want to leave your side. “Mugshot In Princeton” has a twangy folk feel that isn’t really seen in any of the other cuts on Die Happy. The EP closes out with “Happy Medium,” another brash track that makes the album come full circle.

There isn’t really anything negative to say about the release, other than that it’s too short. Either way you slice it, Die Happy is a hit from start to finish.

In A Word: Magical

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