Morning Parade: Morning Parade

“Blue Winter” is the first track from Morning Parade’s self-titled release, an alternative, pop punk outfit based in Essex, England. The song is question is utterly hypnotic. It has a chorus of “hums,” “oohs” and “aahs” that stick like glue. After only hearing the opening track, the listener can rest assured that the pop this group creates is done very well. The first indication of decent music is that the instruments are actually used by the members of this band and even though there are elements of synth mixed into their discography, they remain musicians who haven’t “sold out” thus far.

A popular single off of this album is “Headlights,” a simple song that is sang from boy to girl about the trials of being strung out on love. A not entirely polished sound is what makes this vocalist’s pipes all the more enjoyable on songs like this. “Carousel” begins with a thumping beat and club anthem-like synth with a dash of auto-tune over the vocals that definitely make for more of a party song. Track four, “Running Down The Aisle,” has a consistent piano melody that exposes and complements the raw emotion behind the lyrics of the song. Pop punk as a genre would be wholly improved if all the artists within this category were musicians similar to Morning Parade.

Another track that begins slowly and gradually builds is “Under The Stars,” a number that does a complete turnaround becoming a song that is probably more suitable for dancing to. “Half Litre Bottle” slows the album down to a somber speed. This tune digs the deepest of them all, as the singer puts his worries for his beloved brother to chord progressions. Serenading over subtle guitar parts, the vocalist repeats the phrase “tongue tied” to best illustrate his feelings that are too hard to explain on song number nine, “Monday Morning.” Love and heartbreak seem to be the driving force behind this band’s debut release. Morning Parade pulls off an alternative-influenced pop punk album with finesse for this time around.

In A Word: Electric