Senses Fail: Follow Your Bliss

Senses Fail has released Follow Your Bliss, a compilation of their best singles to commemorate their 10th anniversary as a band. Inside the record’s cover, band members discuss what went into each track at its conception. “Wolves At The Door,” off of Life Is Not A Waiting Room, opens up and sets the pace for this “best of” album. The track is punk-influenced and progressive—or at least as progressive at Senses Fail can get. On the pamphlet that comes with this record, there are photo montages of band tattoos, memorabilia, tour posters, and pictures of the group with fans. Swiftly after track one comes “Can’t Be Saved,” a song that the vocalist Buddy Nielsen claims to be the most proud of lyric wise, from 2006’s Still Searching. “The Priest And The Matador” is probably the furthest venture that Senses Fail has ever taken from their signature screamo style.

Nostalgic feelings are stirred up when the game-changing songs off of Let It Enfold You like “Buried A Lie,” “Lady In A Blue Dress,” and “Rum Is For Drinking, Not Burning” come through the speakers. Included on Follow Your Bliss, is a second disc that is an EP with four brand new tracks from the band. The EP opener, “War Paint” is a song that perhaps has lyrically matured but maintains that playful, juvenile quality that makes the blatant nature of this band so likable. “Waves” is another new track that features the melody over punk-influenced screamo guitar playing climaxing in a solo. It’s met with the screeching of Buddy’s vocals and this number is the best part of the new release.

Senses Fail continues to produce new material, matching their previous expectations, though they do not make an effort to evolve. Although the group seems to have only scratched the surface of their musical journey in the grand scheme of things, the big thank you on the inside booklet goes out to their fans, stating that without them, they would not have a milestone to celebrate.

In A Word: Vigorous