Various Artists: Occupy This Album

Setting cars on fire, flipping buses over, throwing rocks at the windows of your local Wal-Mart, and screaming in the faces of cops as we march down the streets of Manhattan—these are all of the things that I was expecting/hoping for when I had become aware of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Unfortunately, since my “freedom” as an American citizen is nothing short of bullshit, I luckily have been granted the opportunity to use my passion in the art of writing, just as a rather large group of talented musicians have been able to pull together for an Occupy This Album record.

First and foremost, it should be noted that an astonishing 78 tracks contributed to this collection. It is truly amazing to see how many people are in support of such wonderful anti-capitalist ideals. The humility of the musicians screaming out against corporate bastards smothered in greed can leave any defiant individual feeling empowered. My favorite part of the conglomeration is that it clearly states within the insert that, “All proceeds attained above board will go directly to the Occupy Wall Street movement.” All of the songs and the production— which was clearly professionally done—have no intention of profit. That makes this activist accumulation stay true to its cause.

There are some noted individuals such as Willie Nelson and Michael Moore that contributed to this cause. Respectively, some artists have even taken this as an opportunity to unleash material under the guise of their side projects. For example, Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has a song on the record from his alternative group titled, Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman.

This is the perfect example of art in the form and the expression of music. Each and every part shows the outward notion that there is something wrong with America’s system and that literally our voices can and will be heard. When often times in life, there will always be somebody trying to alter what you wish to say, the Occupy This Album record allows for no chances of the sort.

In A Word: Anarchy