Dear Sir,

Your induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame would be disturbing, if it were, say, anything but a Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (MAKE WAY, MICK JAGGER – Issue: 5/9/12). The Aquarian Weekly deserves the honor and I guess by some misguided principle of journalism what was printed in this column for these past 15 years or so would have to be included in that honor. But, as you say, “…the entire volume of vile, radical, spastic nonsense that has emanated from the Reality Check News & Information Desk from August of 1997” is in ther hallowed halls, and for that I accept that congrats are in order.

Does any of this ring hallow or sarcastic?

—Jennifer Fischera



First they ignore KISS and now this?

I love this paper and have been reading it for years, but I am appalled that Reality Check is going in too. I always love your Keith Richards references and there has been the occasional cool quote from a rock song, but I mean, WTF?

Does rock and roll stand for defiance and rebellion and anti-social harangues and lapsed sets of morals and overt sexual deviance and tongue-in-cheek cracks and irresponsible blather? If so, they got the right guy.

But I have to check with Tipper Gore and Bill Bennett. I’ll get back to you.



Hahaha, this column made me laugh; I always wanted to have a friend that has had that honor bestowed upon him. Hoped it would be the likes of Brian May or Ringo Starr but I guess you’ll have to do. To think I had a negative opinion of the RRHF but with your name being inducted before Geddy Lee and company, I have to rethink such opinion.

Maybe this summer you should take me to that rocking city of Cleveland and I’ll wear my new “RRHF doesn’t suck anymore” T-shirt.


—Jean “John”


Congratulations all around for The Aquarian and yourself. I know this column was filled with facetious praise and megalomaniacal crap, but everyone there should be proud to be a part of one of the longest running music weeklies—especially one run independently. With so many corporate owned media outlets in the pocket of big record companies or movie studios or political affiliations, there is always a free voice coming from The Aquarian time and again.

I am proud to still read it and to read your work, Mr. Campion. Brash and unpredictable, hardly standard talking points fare, it is where I like to go to get a breath of straight-talk and hard news done with the right kind of comedic touch.

All praise to The Aquarian and James Campion on being inducted into the R&R HOF!!

All the best,

—Sin Lee


What a good read—very funny. It will be an honor to meet such a famous man now that he is inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame!



The Aquarian Weekly is what all these music papers were supposed to be 40 or so years ago. You guys have remained true to the task of providing the music stories and artists to the people. Thank you, James, for giving me the heads-up on the news.

Congrats All!

—Darren G.


Wow, good work on this one (RECALL BUST – Issue: 6/13/12). The media hype over this recall in Wisconsin and its national ramifications appears to be another in the great cons it has perpetuated on the American public for ratings.

Nobody but nobody that votes in New Jersey gives half a fart what goes on in Wisconsin, just as I am sure they don’t give a shit what goes on here. Recalls are always overrated because they’re so easy to enact with petitions and very rarely change a fucking thing at the ballot box. Those people were idiots there. They should have accepted the vote and battled to get an alternative candidate in 2014 like every other state in the union.

It was a joke and your column turned it right back into one after weeks of enduring cable news nonsense to legitimize it—and by the way, we are still enduring it as they talk over the ramifications of something after it never had any.




Awww, you bought the 8:1 money line. Well I can’t say that I’m surprised given your penchant for drinking MSM trough water. Turns out the unions spent 21 million of TAXPAYER MONEY on their lame temper tantrum, so that and Barrett’s four mil makes 25 jack. Not quite 8:1 now is it? At least the 13 out-of-state billionaires gave the Walker campaign their money of their free will. The union members whose dues made up the 21 mil…not so much.

And on that tact I reject the MSM’s whining about out-of-state money pouring in to other states’ elections. If any of these flat-lining states like California go belly up, guess who’s going to bail them out? EVERY ONE OF US, and by way of the always-too-generous-with-our-tax-dollars federal government. Since the financial meltdown, politics ain’t local any more, Holmes. The TEA Party ain’t dead, and it’s going to roll over you and others who think it is.

You’re completely missing what the recall represents. Forgetting for the moment the shear balls in bringing it in the first place, saying the recall was just some waste of time re-vote is like saying the original Star Wars was just some ‘70s movie. What it represents to all but the cynical is a major breach in the erstwhile impenetrable fortress that is the Democrat Party and Public Sector Unions’ unholy alliance.

What kind of critical thinking is comparing the Wisconsin Referendum—uhm, yeah it is—to gas prices? Now THAT’S asinine. Your pretzel logic reminds me of those Netflix commercials—Q: If Jane is wearing a handbag, what will she have for lunch? A: Next Tuesday? CORRECT!

—Ken Eustace


Why is it when the candidate that the TEA Party supports loses, it’s clearly a repudiation of the TEA Party but when the TEA Party endorsed candidate wins, the TEA Party wasn’t a factor? The TEA Party was active in Wisconsin from the minute the recall election campaign started. I am proud of the Republican anti-union thuggery position, it is starting to catch on nationwide and folks are starting to see we were right. Just wait til neighboring states start doing the same.

You complain about GOP money but can you point me to your column during the presidential campaign where the media crowed proudly how Obama raised more money than any candidate in American history? Where was the outrage then? Why are folks pissed when the GOP throws Dem campaign tactics back in their face?

The wonderful thing is, liberalism is on the ropes and for as bad as Romney is, he is going to let the Dems off the hook. He may not have been our choice during the primaries but he is certainly comporting himself well now….say thanks again to the TEA Party.

James, going forward, ignore the TEA Party to your own detriment.


—Bill Roberts


TEA Party? Ask Rick Santorum, their hero, how powerful it is, whatever the hell it is. It whisked him to the nomination, didn’t it? TEA Party. HA!

—M.M.M. Stacey

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