Ripface Invasion: To Not Give In

Ripface Invasion are a punk/hardcore band from NJ who make it a point to include thrash into their repertoire of music. The group released their second album, To Not Give In, on July 17. Although there are only three tracks on the EP, it still manages to find a way to make an impression.

Immediately when listening to the first song, “The Dominator,” the aspect of thrash comes to mind. Everything jumps right in with speed, without any special type of intro. This is a good display of how this type of music was meant to be played. Some people deem Ripface Invasion as being veterans of the NY/NJ hardcore scene, which can be easily justified through listening to this record. Aspects of ’90s punk rock can be found in both the tones and riffs.

One thing that almost changes everything completely is the special breakdowns that work their way into the tracks perfectly. They move more towards a heavy metal feel and allow the listener to be caught off guard and thrown back into the songs. Attributes such as these almost make the pieces seem longer then they actually are. No foolish attempts at recording and producing the mix to sound as if it came from decades past were done. Being that the recording is simple and basic, there is more space for the music to be heard.

While Ripface Invasion makes their music easily audible, they also make their characteristics and personalities accessible. Bands such as these are always a joyful listen as a reminder of what this genre is about and what it should continue to be.

In A Word: Traditional