Deep, diligent, and direct are three notions that easily come to mind when listening to the new record by The Ghost Inside. Being the third CD to their discography, Get What You Give certainly carries itself into realms that are not so present in the bands prior releases.

If there is one thing that stands out the most with this album, it would have to be the tracks that contain backing vocals in them. “Engine 45” is the first noted ballad with this new approach of singing. It’s almost as if something new was needed for the band and they did a fantastic job at delivering.

Some instrumental aspects rear their heads, allowing fans to remain certain that, although The Ghost Inside have been exploring new horizons, they are still maintaining their roots. The intro to “Dark Horse” is more reminiscent of hardcore.

Nothing within the mix of Get What You Give is excessively distorted to the point where the notes and sounds are indistinct. This balance is an achievement for the band, as they have been able to create a lack of the dirty, feedback-filled tone we all know and love, but still reign in heaviness and speed. Each piece is as vibrant and aggressive as the next, which seems to be the idea behind The Ghost Inside.

When these kinds of bands come around, it’s always a good idea to really listen to their past work so that you can see a slight amount of progression in musicianship. As a listener, it’s heart-warming to hear these guys find what they sought out to do with their new endeavor.

In A Word: Achieving

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