Alberta Cross: Songs Of Patience

Indie rock duo Alberta Cross have finally gotten things together after multiple bumps in the road, such as lineup and producer changes. Singer-songwriter Petter Ericson Stakee and bassist Terry Wolfers completed the album that they have been slaving to perfect for what seems like forever. The pair’s latest release, Songs Of Patience, opens up with “Magnolia,” an uplifting song that takes on anthem-like qualities as a choir of voices backs up the lighthearted chorus. The track ends with an unexpected guitar solo and adheres to your memory after just the first listen. Sonically, this band is a reworked blend of Filter and MGMT.

The second track, “Crate Of Gold,” tones the mood down for a three-minute bluesy guitar groove session, in which the musicians of this group make room to flaunt their chops. Maintaining a mellow feel on the record, vocalist Petter Ericson Stakee has an element to his high-pitched voice that counterbalances the moments of guitar playing that are more weighted on this album. His wistful vocals break up the monotony of the riffs that dominate “Come On Maker.” This track is a highlight on the record that begins feeling like a familiar acoustic song, but then builds into something greater—leaving the listener wanting more of what Alberta Cross has to offer.

The lyrics of “Ophelia On My Mind” are motivational and simple, but these attributes are what gives this band’s music appeal. Just like the memorable lyrics, the “oohs” and “ahhs” this pair utilizes throughout the record only accent the individual tracks, making them increasingly catchy. “Bonfires,” a slow-moving acoustic ballad, is Alberta Cross’ take on what seems like a break-up song. Overall, the record is very well-written—not just musically, but even more so lyrically. This is the definition of contemporary indie rock.

In A Word: Chipper