The answer is simple: Mitt Romney is a fraud presidential candidate. (WHAT IS MITT ROMNEY AFRAID OF? – Issue: 7/25/12) This guy has puppet written all over him! In 27 years of voting, I have never seen anyone like Romney—he offers nothing and yet expects to be elected POTUS. I don’t think so.



What is Mitt Romney afraid of? Obama continuing to smear Romney through November. Then Obama will never have to run on his record as president. How great will that be?

—Ariel Finn


In three words, Mr. Campion: being found out. Romney’s banking on the Obama hatred being enough to win. He really didn’t learn a thing from the ’04 campaign if that’s true.

—Jay Haney


Romney is afraid of: 1. Anyone finding out how much money he has in undisclosed bank accounts overseas; 2. That the Republican party fully backs the OUTSOURCING of America to China; 3. That the Republican party GREED shall over take America.



All of my investments are managed by a “blind trust.”~ @Mitt Romney 2012 vs. 1994 “A blind trust is an age-old ruse.”

I bet if Rush Limbaugh demanded Mitt’s tax returns we’d have them by dinner.

—George W. Tush


Romney didn’t want to run as a former governor—bad record and emails, computers missing. He didn’t want to run as head of the Olympics—records now missing. He wanted to run as a “business creator”—took out companies, put people out of work, says he left at one date, name still on “LEGAL documents and records,” so he was at Bain, but NOT at Bain. He doesn’t want to be honest about his records—tax returns, etc. Did he file taxes, did he have such a low tax rate that he’s ashamed to let all of us who pay in the 30 percent range know? Why does he have accounts in Swiss banks and Cayman Island banks and other places?

—Oscar Tucker


Mitt Romney is the absolute perfect comparison to John Kerry in’04! Once again, Mr. Campion, Reality Check is where you go to get the most spot-on analogies that put the madness in perspective.

—Ellen Steinberg


Don’t forget that Kerry lied all the time. The Obama campaign says Romney does too, but independent fact checkers (not the political ones in the tank for Obama) say otherwise. Nor should you forget that Kerry had a complicit media: The media is routinely kinder to liberals than to conservatives or Republicans.

Also don’t forget that Massachusetts, while not topping lists of states at Romney’s exit, had certainly improved from the time of his entrance. And talk about a fiscal record for Massachusetts! Who doesn’t want a commander-in-chief who (finally) knows how to balance a budget, limit spending, and reduce deficit? Here the federal deficit is on course to exceed $16T, $6T all on Obama’s watch. The left can argue Romney’s positions and character until they’re blue in the face, but Americans want a government committed to being responsible with their money. It is not government’s money. It is taxpayers’ money.

Romney is under no legal obligation to release any tax returns at all. He said in winter that he would release two years, and he still plans to do so. Romney is smart enough to know that the media is going to attack and smear and lie and that the less he gives them the better for him. He’s not playing their game. More points for him!

—Eva WB


What’s really hilarious are all these lib-loving self-appointed pundits who pretend to want to help Romney with his campaign direction… “What he should do is: 1. Publicly revel in his riches; 2. Release any information (tax or otherwise) that can be used as innuendo against him; and 3. Admit he’s really running to make Mormonism mainstream.” He he he—you guys are hilarious! Keep it up!



Romney must be afraid of showing something on his 2009 tax return that is not merely crass (like paying zero taxes) but also illegal (like hiding money in secret Swiss accounts to evade taxes in the U.S.).

The most quoted theory I’ve read is that Romney negotiated a tax amnesty settlement package from IRS in 2009. That’s the only tax year that he did not show anyone (post-McCain 2008 disclosures for the McCain VP selection process). Supported by the recent “discovery” that he deleted his FBAR form from his 2010 tax forms “release”—this FBAR document would show residuals from any such Swiss tax amnesty in the 2010 return. Funny it went missing from the one disclosure he’s made.

Will he deny tax evasion but not reveal the forms? Can he manage to get elected without revealing the documents that might expose illegal tax practices? Would rank and file Republicans go ahead and vote for an un-indicted tax scofflaw anyway? Where was the Republican party “vetting” people who maybe just neglected to ask for his 2009 return until it was too late?

What a strange election this has been.



How bad is it going to be if he gets elected, and then the ugly truth comes out that he has been tax evading and doing other illegal activities to acquire wealth? If he has nothing to hide then he should come clean and end the debate. If he knows he is a crook and the tax returns show it, then he should be ready to bail out.

If you want to be president then you should know your life becomes an open book for the American people to read. If you are not willing for that to happen then you need to pack up and head home.

—Lee Hoerle


ALL presidential candidates should be “vetted” before they are allowed to run for president. Unfortunately, there wouldn’t be any candidates that could meet the qualifications.

—Nancy Q.


I don’t know how you follow this stuff. I guess it’s what you have to do to write the articles. Knowing what my earnings are, what these people make, and the fact that they get a life supply of health insurance paid by us has caused me to have zero interest. Like Sting sings, “You could say I lost my faith in our politicians. They all seem like game show hosts to me.”

—Peter Puglisi

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