Deleted Scenes’ new record, Young People’s Church Of The Air, is certainly an entertaining listen. The feel and sound throughout everything is something that catches the listener’s ear for its strange and different nature. Each song on the record carries a personality within itself that adds to the entire production.

On first listen, the style leaves a feeling of boredom though that notion quickly changes, as certain tones of bass and drums rescue the genre. The bass is very warm and deep with little crunch to it. In most electronic bands, this is not the case, which adds to Deleted Scenes’ uniqueness.

Near the end of the first track, “A Litany For Mrs. T,” the singer leaves the scene and allows for the rest of the band to showcase their talents. Much of Young People’s Church Of The Air is soft and quiet. Recording was clearly done at delicate volumes with the exception of a few pieces. “A Bunch Of People Who Love You Like Crazy” is a total head-shaker with its creepy background sounds and heavy-hitting electronic drum hits.

Some moments are found within the album where Deleted Scenes take the vibes down even further, such as in the introduction of “The Demon & The Hurricane.” Its beginning shows a more meaningful sound before it smashes its way into an uncomfortable feeling of vicious proportions. It seems as though the main thing these guys aim for with their music is to leave their fans thinking to themselves, “What the hell was that? I don’t know, but I liked it.” If this were the intent of Young People’s Church Of The Air, then its accomplishment is fulfilled.

In A Word: Strange

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