While the scene, the genre, and the sound of hardcore has evolved into a bunch of fools swinging their arms around like idiots, Handed To The Thousands have managed to keep a rather intriguing sound in their own style. Their new EP, Rest For The Wavering, is the perfect demonstration of what they aim for with their music.

A rather notable beginning of the release jumps out with its first chords being totally on point with timing and less aggressive than what would be expected from a band in this genre. As the stringed instruments play with ambiance together, they are backed up by a drum section with a bit of a temper. The first taste of vocals are clean until they turn into natural growls. Lead guitar work by Nick Kuzevski is technical during the moments that seem appropriate and powerful. As far as the bass goes, the most distinguishing feature is the lower-sounding tuning.

It seems as though a common theme in all of the songs off of Rest For The Wavering is that they are soft before they throw tantrums. A perfect example of this is featured on “Closure.” One of the two guitarists is heard with every note clearly displayed before the rest of the band soars in, as the singer bears a feeling that is somewhat of a tyrannical speech amongst a mass of people.

While the scene of hardcore has divided and morphed into something with completely new meanings, Handed To The Thousands have proven themselves to be one of those groups that have mastered their own craft. After a long time of playing gigs locally while building up their fanbase, these gentlemen have produced something that significantly allows anybody the chance to grow with them as they evolve and accomplish whatever they wish.

In A Word: Tight

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