Something very peculiar about Mike Bino Project’s new record, Sands Of Time, creeps its way into the ears of anyone who gives it a good listen. This quartet is not just your typical local bar band. While they continue to carry an essence of that classic ’80s hair metal style we all know too well, they also bring out a heaviness that directs towards something that catches the audience off guard.

Production quality of this record is very hard to determine in the sense that it sounds professionally done, yet also at the DIY level. Such mystery is nice to hear in a band trying to make it these days in an already tough industry. Weight of sound in this record comes from all different directions. The guitar work is done with low pounding tones, yet with a retro sounding effect. A good example of the sludgy style of metal could be found through the chorus parts of “Breathe.”

Bassist Michael Lepond certainly has a groove to his playing that all bass players should have at some point in their careers. The best part about each player is that they are heard clearly enough to make them distinguishable. Few vocal harmonies are found where necessary within a couple of the songs. Two characteristics that lend the sound of Sands Of Time to a classic ’80s vibe are the singing and the guitar playing. Certainly this is not a bad aspect, as most of the time people that try to emulate a sound from that decade do it with electronics rather then rock and roll or metal.

Mike Bino Project does a great job at upholding a tradition of music that to some may feel lost with no promise of rediscovery. Even if you’re someone who is tired of such an old kind, it’s essentially a guarantee that if you pick up this album, you won’t be disappointed.

In A Word: Fun

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