Last summer, alternative rock quintet Incubus marked their 20th anniversary as a band. To commemorate the occasion, the band rented out a gallery in downtown Los Angeles and invited their fans—some of whom traveled across the country—to an intimate performance and special celebration of music, artwork and imagination. The captured content is a 2CD/DVD and single CD/DVD compilation, Incubus HQ Live.

The DVD portion highlights the group’s genuine appreciation and dedication to their fans, from all walks of life. Fans enjoyed an interactive experience, tweeting to share their experiences with Incubus as part of their lives. Fans attending the live gathering took their 15 minutes of fame summarizing their love for the band in “If Not Now, When Moments” included in the DVD. In the gallery, the band invited fans to share their messages and highest hopes on fresh canvas to express themselves as the band played a stacked, 28-song set.

Special spotlights of each band member provide a greater glimpse into the men behind the instruments. DJ Kilmore shares background into his humble beginnings street recording, and treats fans to a “DJ Clinic” so others can take a whirl on the turntables. This segment is a rare peek into how the band integrates digital sound and turntable magic into their tracks.

The band sounds, dare I say it, even better during this performance than they do on the records. On “Isadore,” for example, every note of the music melds together effortlessly. From the buttery bass and the quick cues from the DJ to the prominent percussion and Boyd’s heartfelt vocals, the entire band is on perfect point.

All in all, the new release might ensue a head scratch, as one ponders why Incubus hasn’t received more mainstream attention from the alt-rock masses, à la Coldplay or Radiohead. Their music is far more enthralling, emotional, and takes your mind to a pensive place, if you let it.

In A Word: Isadorable

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