Fans of that raspy, post-hardcore sound much like At The Drive-In, Texas Is The Reason, and Sparta can rejoice once again! Title Fight’s second studio album fills the void left by the breakups and overall decline of post-rock from the ‘90s. The swanky bass, explosive drums and slick guitar riffs on Floral Green take the familiar, nostalgic sounds, and revive it. Right from the start, Title Fight commands all the attention with the strong drum and guitar intro to “Numb But I Still Feel It.” The contrast of harsh screams and jagged singing doesn’t get overly tiresome nor is it bland. Although the tracks lean on the short side, the album doesn’t disappoint in quantity or quality. “Secret Society” is much more up-tempo and poppy compared to the rest of the collection.

The slight change in vibe paves the way for both “Head In The Ceiling Fan,” and “Make You Cry.” Both pieces lean on the slow side, however, “Make You Cry” is much more favorable. “Head In The Ceiling Fan,” although pleasing instrumentally, features vocals that just drag on, which makes the cut weak and slightly painful. Despite the flop of the “softer” numbers, “Make You Cry” brings back the ruggedness of the early cuts yet mellows it out a bit. “Calloused” adds a dash of bitterness to the release but is still entertaining to sing to. Floral Green ends with the chill “In-Between.” The way the finale and opener contrast against one another, as far as energy levels are concerned, pulls Floral Green together to make it a truly solid collection.

In A Word: Excellent

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