Electronic poppers Letting Up Despite Great Faults have an extremely unique sound. Dream-like synthesizer and keyboard blended with sometimes calming, sometimes upbeat poppy guitar and smooth vocals make for an interesting dynamic. At first glance, you’d think it’d be impossible to use ‘80s keyboard tracks and make them sound modern. The only things saving this band from failing are founder Mike Lee’s voice and the band’s passion for the unusual. The album flourishes with diversity, and every song has a new and exciting element.

The first track, “Visions,” is truly fun. It’s one of those songs that make you want to dance around your bedroom. The videogame-esque sounds at the end are a youthful touch. When “Scratch” begins, you get a strong sense of freedom—like you should hit the road in a convertible and never look back. After such a great start to an album, I’d expect the next few tracks to have the same affect. “Take My Jacket, Pauline” did just that. Keyboardist Annah Fisette’s airy vocals at the end of the song are the perfect addition.

“Details Of My World” and “Breaking” are two standout tracks on this release. The guitar on both is extremely memorable, and you’re bound to be tapping your foot to the beat later on in the day. The powerful yet dreamy keyboard builds tension, and the light and crisp vocals from Lee bring you back down to reality.

To end the album, Lee’s wonderful voice is showcased in front of calming guitar strums. Closing a record with such a somber track was an interesting choice. It makes listeners feel at peace with their musical journey through Untogether. With the perfect balance between upbeat and relaxed, writer and programmer Mike Lee created a world of dreams and realities, all wrapped up into one.

In A Word: Dream

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