Maserati: Maserati VII

Maserati have taken things into a completely new direction with their music on Maserati VII. Where the band has previously written pieces of the post-rock nature that resemble much ambiance, they now seem to be exploring the art of new wave.

It goes without saying that this album is great for dancing purposes or to listen to while driving. The best way to classify the new sound would be to call it electronic. The first track, “San Angeles” begins with a thumping beat that to the listener almost immediately expresses how different this record is going to sound compared to their prior stuff. One thing that seems to be a bit similar is the guitar tone. A crunchy light guitar picking still exists with Maserati, and that is something that may never go away.

Crescendos and consistencies make Maserati VII what it is by nature. One might be reminded of some sort of fantasy world or videogames when listening. Surprisingly, the drums sound more organic than any other instrument in the band. There are no electronic pads, dubbing, or effects put on the skins. Most of what make the songs sound electronic come from the keyboards and sound samples.

Production quality of Maserati VII is pretty decent, as everything sounds about equal when it comes to volumes. Unlike their previous material, there is no essence of lowly played instruments, which adds to the mix. Each song is pounding and in the audience’s face.

If it were not for their background and where they came from with their writing style, this record would surely not be possible. The beautiful thing about music, and especially this genre, is that there are no rules. Groups like Maserati can write how and what they want, despite what anybody thinks. While some may be disappointed or unhappy with where Maserati have arrived at, these boys show plenty of potential from one album to the next.

In A Word: Different