Within every scene of underground music, a band emerges that harnesses the ability to grab the listener out of pure talent. Morning Glory are a group led by Leftover Crack guitarist Ezra Kire. Recently, they have put out a new release being their first full-length, full-band record. Each song written for this album is nothing short of astounding.

Perhaps the best part of this catalog is the amount of people who contributed to it. There is a plethora of ex-World/Inferno Friendship Society members such as Peter Hess, Franz Nicolay, Yula Beeri, and Lucky Strano all lent their abilities to Morning Glory. These guys have proven to be fantastic musicians and anarchists in their past work, and certainly hold that truth down in recent times.

Every track on Poets Were My Heroes could easily be described as passion punk. Track one on the album is an old recording of Ezra singing a song dubbed “Stevie Dinner” from when he was just seven years old in 1983. “March Of The Asylum” is an anthemic tune involving a rather powerful horn section played by Peter Hess backed up by a crisped guitar riff and marching drum beat. The song stomps its way through until it comes to an abrupt end. The next thing you here is the intro to, “Quemar Las Fronteras” played in its classical punk ska nature.

Morning Glory has certainly proven to be an exceptional punk rock act. They’ve put out various singles and EPs in the past that are very difficult to find, though it seems as though they were all just leading up to Poets Were My Heroes. So long as these guys keep making music like this, every morning will be a glorious one.

In A Word: Passionate

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