The Melvin: For The Record

Science has proven time and time again that the Melvins are frickin’ awesome. Touring as a trio for the first time in a million jillion years—they’re calling it “Melvins Lite,” but they’re still plenty heavy—they’ve set out to break a world record of some sort or other, playing all 50 of these United States in a single tour. Pretty fancy stuff. They’ll be at Brooklyn’s Music Hall O’ Billsburg on Oct. 4 and at Maxwell’s in Hoboken on Oct. 5. Nothing against the Brooklyn gig, but I’ve seen the Melvins at Maxwell’s before and it’s enough to make you wanna grow an afro. With Illinois brothersome outfit Tweak Bird opening the shows supporting their many-harmonied EP, Undercover Crops (due Oct. 9), the times will be good and science will once again reign supreme over not-science, which is the way of such things. Rock.