The responses to A-RITEWAY CONSTRUCTION MUST BE STOPPED – Issue: 8/29/12 have been vast and intriguing. Some of them were sent from interested parties that wish to remain anonymous, but who are working behind the scenes to bring down this criminal cabal posing as a legitimate construction concern. Also following up is two separate private investigators from two states, ex-employees promising horror stories a-plenty, and sadly even more victims of Leo Petrosillo’s rabid disregard for property and professional integrity crying out for retribution. Two police departments over two towns are now on the case and the marauders are on the run. The story is fluid and will be monitored from here at The Reality Check News & Information Desk until A-Riteway is indeed stopped.


For your attention, A-Riteway is still listed an accredited business here: Doesn’t augur well for trusting BBB

Be well,

—Sam ‘Hawksmoor’ North


If you have been a victim of A-Riteway, please contact the North Haledon, NJ Police Department to file a complaint or go to the municipality where the theft took place. North Haledon detectives are following through to bring this man to justice. Those who filed a complaint will learn next week which agency has jurisdiction. The North Haledon detectives are in possession of The Aquarian Weekly’s article. Great writing James Campion!



The North Haledon Police Department is all over this. A-Riteway has been evicted from their digs and is on the run. This article was a great service to those of us who have either been wronged by these criminals or have known someone who has. They are slime, dirt, and the worst part of the American capitalist system that gives haven to these swine. I applaud your steadfast courage in bringing this terrible blight on the construction community down. Justice is a fine thing when unleashed on those who for years now have thought themselves above reproach and the law. They destroy people’s homes and properties and then laugh at their victims, while cashing the check. But if nothing else these repeated activities have sparked outrage the kind of kickass journalism that may finally end the horror! Hurray for the free press and the power of the pen! I salute The Aquarian Weekly for the guts to run it and keeping James Campion on the case.

—Jeremy Ochs


Kiss your money goodbye people!! There are dozens of complaints filed with the North Haledon Police Department. I am waiting to hear who has jurisdiction. While doing my own investigation, I met a man he owes $$$$$ to so then I didn’t feel so bad.

—Clara O’Boyle


I’m not saying it is a fact, but there have been ample rumor around Hawthorne, NJ, where this Leo character lives, of drug deals and prostitution and other nefarious activities connected to him. This is just the tip of the iceberg, Campion. Watch your back.



I got to know Leo over a couple weeks, the contracting courting time…then Leo took our deposit and never returned my calls or text messages. A-Riteway never started the work, just stole our money and added significant stress to our lives. My wife and I felt bad for him after receiving a certified letter stating he was in two hospitals and forced to temporarily shut down his business. We now understand this is one of his tactics…he lies like a five-year-old. This guy should be in jail.

I can think of hundreds of things I’d like to do with that money; helping Leo buy a new car or helping him procure new oak cabinets for one of his homes is not one of them. That money would be better spent educating consumers on how to avoid scumbag contractors in the first place or even better yet, to get Leo the professional help he desperately needs to get his life in order. I truly believe, at one point in his life, Leo was a good friend, a good husband and father; all of those are past tense. Leo, if you’re reading this post you can change…pull yourself up and get the help.

—Keith Grant

Jersey City


Excellent! A real page tur… um, scroller(?). Well done, thanks for the warning.

—John Slater



My wife and I moved to NJ from Brooklyn this January, and we are appalled at how pathetic Jersey contractors or related businesses are. No one ever calls you back. It is a disgrace. And then when they finally show up they either have no clue what they are doing or forget parts, tools, change the estimate at the last second. Fuggedaboutit! They can’t even cook good pizza.



Leo Petrosillo is a rip-off artist, a liar and a charlatan. I think New Jersey authorities; the Better Business Bureau and the state’s attorney general and especially the police should be ashamed of themselves. How this cretin could ply his crimes under their watch for so long is unconscionable. It takes the ire of a client and, unlucky for Petrosillo, a journalist to get this out in the light and seek justice for so many ripped off people in this bad economy. Where is the oversight? Where is the regulation? And it’s not just Petrosillo, although he is the worst and most egregious of these construction bandits, there are so many cases throughout this state and I am sure others where there is no accountability, no pressure from the towns or counties to keep these people clean, make sure they do the work they are contracted for. It’s a sad joke and I am sorry it continues, but it does. Right now some innocent young couple or elderly widow or some desperate family is in need of a repaired roof or broken stairs or porch or some pertinent construction and some snake like Petrosillo is waiting in the grass to take their hard-earned money, lie to their face, and blithely destroy their lives. And he gets away with it. He’s getting away with it right now.



Where is the fat piece of shit Chris Christie’s tough-guy act now? Running around the country propping up that fucking robot idiot Romney while the NJ construction business is stealing money from his constitutes. Fuck Christie, fuck Trenton, and fuck A-Riteway Construction.

—Joyish Samuel T.


Thank you, James Campion, for giving voice to so many who have not had one. The law, the state, the system apparently does not care. Sometimes it takes one man with enough balls to say enough. Thank you for saying “enough” for us. Good luck.


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  1. Rocco

    James, this is Rocco I was never a partner with him and I was the only one in that company with any morals. Just for a update his is living at 167 Washington ave Hawthorne nj. And is still ripping people off. As a employee at wrong way I never had anything to Do with his ways of doing buisness with clients. I got robbed of thousands of dollars from him also and he has ripped off dozens of sub contractors. He took me to court for a no compete document I signed years ago. I just want to update everybody and let them know I had the opertunity to finally square up with the junky that was raised by wolves and beat the living shit out of him. He is a nobody and always will be. He is nothing but a coward and for everybody who needs to know is still doing what he does an only knows ripping people off. For all to know he has nobody left in his life cause of the person he is drugs or not still the same. He has burned every bridge possible and has ripped off all his friends and even his own family. I am so sorry to everyone but I’m a good person and left the no good company as soon as I realized what he had been doing. I’m glad you are letting people know of him and his ways. Anything you need just call me if you want I will inbox you my # if you need it


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