Kinder Machines is an oddly chosen name for a band with the name Beaten By Them. The name promotes danger and violence, while their music seems to be quite the opposite. Kinder Machines is set to be unveiled Oct. 16.

Everything on the disc is very soft and for the most part, very quiet. It’s no surprise that the band is categorized into the post-rock genre. There are a lot of instruments used on the recordings, which add to its interesting aspects. It’s always a shame when bands use too much instrumentation in their music and luckily, Beaten By Them do not fall into that category.

The music is almost theatrical in a sense. It would be easy to see these songs played throughout an indie style movie or something of that nature. They aren’t in your face or blasting into the listener’s ear; rather, they fall among the style of soft intelligence. Production of this record sounds like it was done delicately and with special attention. The mixes are almost too perfect, and they sound on point in every way. The volume throughout each song has the right level for what it sounds like the track is trying to convey. While there are certainly a few to pick from, the most noticeable instrument is the snare on the drum. It’s played softly and fits in nicely with the more soothing instruments used in the album, such as the cello or acoustic guitars.

Beaten By Them have done a fantastic job with their new record. This shows that this band has a talent for producing music carefully in what they are looking for, yet within a timely fashion at the same time.

In A Word: Precise

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