Dinosaur Jr.: I Bet On Sky

Renowned alt rock group Dinosaur Jr. are back at it again with their most recent release, I Bet On Sky. They’ve fleshed out a place of their own within the music industry rather than falling into any specific genre. “Don’t Pretend You Didn’t Know” is the frontrunner of the record from the Massachusetts-based group. With spirited guitar playing, the song is like looking into a kaleidoscope of traditional ‘90s rock. This multi-faceted trait is what distinguishes the music of Dinosaur Jr. yet again from that of others.

Chugging guitars and subtle vocals begin the second track, “Watch The Corners.” Those same guitars return later in the track and make for an addicting listen. All electric related desires are sated with a solo at the apex of the cut, allowing for a smooth finish. It’s still surprising how much this band can do with such understated singing and an alternative rock take on things. The pace of I Bet On Sky mellows with “Stick A Toe In,” where the song steadily builds into a rock tune with a Pearl Jam-esque vocal crescendo.

Immediately following is the track “Rude,” a fast, poppy, nearly punk influenced cut that will stick with you because of its catchy ups and downs. The band keeps the album interesting with distortion on the guitars and other elements, such as the keys. The final number, “See It On Your Side” starts with an awesome riff that sets the stage for a nearly seven-minute groove-oriented jam. Throughout the track, all guitar parts shred in the best sense of the word. Ending on a note worthy of being called rock, Dinosaur Jr.’s latest is, as expected, a sweet ride all the way through that leaves the ear wanting more.

In A Word: Exemplary