Kid Canaveral hails from Edinburgh, Scotland. To me, Scotland always brings forth visions of the Loch Ness Monster and the Scotch Whiskey Heritage Centre, but it’s also home to a burgeoning music scene filled with some of the world’s hottest bands. Kid Canaveral are born from the chimey and ethereal world of bands such as U2, Yashin, Idlewild and Seattle’s Band Of Horses. Utilizing complex soundscapes and infectious melodies, this Scottish favorite unabashedly embraces the drum machine steady backbeats and XTC-inspired clean chords of the ‘80s.

Having formed in 2005, the group’s been moving fast ever since. They have completed four major UK tours as well, performing with acts such as Meursault, Camera Obscura and KT Tunstall. Airplay has not been a problem either, having been featured on XFM and BBC Radio 1’s Scotland Introducing, who made their debut album, Shouting At Wildlife, the album of the month, featuring a track every week for five weeks.

Kid Canaveral are a band that wears their addictive sound right on their compositional sleeve. The juxtaposition of clean, echo-driven guitars with the analog smooth vocal melodies of Kate Lazda and David MacGregor shows the band has left no stone unturned when it comes to creating a textural gathering of traditional influences that mix well with their own colorful look at the world at large.

They’re currently in the States for nine shows in support of their re-release of Shouting At Wildlife on Fence Records. Starting out in Philadelphia, the band traveled through Ohio, Illinois, Ontario, Canada and Vermont before heading to The Saint in Asbury Park for tonight’s show.

Shouting At Wildlife is an enthusiastic vehicle for the band and their alternative direction. Songs such as the fan heavy download clout of “Good Morning” show a writing style that pops and glistens, painting solid musical pictures of fast-paced rock and roll action and moving this band from the breadline all the way to the banquet hall. Radio airplay is what this song screams and it’s a formidable first run from an album filled with alternative gold.

Other notable songs on Shouting At Wildlife are “You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night,” an upbeat power cry in the vein of Franz Ferdinand or There Will Be Fireworks. Dissonant, ultra clean guitars kick off the tune as the supreme vocal team-up of “The Wild Life Choir” pushes the intro into the wide-open verse. The group of vocalists features Laura Doherty, Kate E. Lazda, Rose Against The Machine (clever), Katy McSkimming, Jessica Smith and Arlene Watts. This song is a true celebration of songwriting showmanship as it bounces back and forth between massive choirs and David MacGregor’s Isaac Brock vibe.

Another highlight is the chunky punk vibe of “Left And Right.” Mixing the pop sensibilities of the Fast Romantics with the new wave moxy of Jane Wiedlin, the band takes the listener on a wildfire gallop across candy coated choruses sprinkled with gritty, music box guitar drones and aggressive rhythm attacks. The sing-song vocal delivery of Kate Lazda caps off this downhill romp through ‘80s nostalgia and indie attitude.

I especially liked the Chrissie Hynde meets Stacey Sievwright (Moth In The Mirror) feel of “Quiet Things Are Quiet Now.” Once again, Lazda leads the way through this melodic alt-pop paradise like a veritable trailblazer, picking her way between pinging microdots of Morse code synthesizer, acoustic guitar and organ. The harmonies are hooky and smooth as they stumble into a staggered call and response vocal oddesy that pulls out as the instrumentation fades.

One other song I wanted to mention is “Her Hair Hangs Down.” Featuring the vocal ease of MacGregor, the track sports crystal clean guitars plucked in hypnotic patterns underneath the otherworldly harmonies of the group. Echoed vocals fly across the deep background of this intimate portrait of life, love and the memories they create.

Kate Lazda tells me that they have a new record in the works that’s scheduled for a 2013 release. The project will be released on Fence Records and titled Now That You Are A Dancer.

Kid Canaveral are a musical outfit who is well on the way to career happiness, and I look forward to seeing this plucky, intricate band on a live stage tonight.

The band consists of vocalist/guitarists David MacGregor and Kate Lazda, vocalist/bassist Rose McConnachie and drummer Scott McMaster.

Kid Canaveral will be at The Saint tonight, Oct. 17, and then in New York at The Flat tomorrow, Oct. 18. For more information on this Scottish outfit, head over to and see what’s new at


The Masters Of Music Series Proudly Presents Ben E. King At McLoone’s Supper Club On Oct. 27

Sammy Boyd and Tim McLoone have been in the music business for many years. Intelligent, amicable and artistically accommodating, Boyd and McLoone have brought many interesting acts to the city by the sea. The “Masters Of Music Series” has featured icons such as Sid Bernstein, Felix Cavaliere, John Sebastian and Lesley Gore. And while these names may draw mental images of an older crowd, everyone from 21 to 61 seems to be getting in on the fun.

Boyd and McLoone’s latest show will mark the “Masters Of Music Series’” one year anniversary. Their guest will be none other than Teaneck resident and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame recipient Ben. E. King.

King is most commonly known for his mega-hit “Stand By Me,” a song that hit the top 10 in 1961 as well as once again in 1986, but he is also known for his role as a co-writer and band member with rock and roll’s first true wave of rock and soul performers. His first big hit was “Spanish Harlem” and as a Drifter (and a solo artist) he collectively walked away with five number one hits including “There Goes My Baby,” “Save The Last Dance For Me” and “Supernatural Thing,” as well as the two “Stand By Me” releases. King is also known for his charitable giving with his Stand By Me Foundation and inclusion as founding member in the Global Village Champions Foundation along with luminaries such as Muhammad Ali and Gary U.S. Bonds.

The “Masters Of Music Series” mixes artists’ trademark songs with an informal interview usually hosted by Tim McLoone and the series’ participant. It’s an interesting concept that allows fans to see an artist in a down-to-earth light. King will be performing all of his hits and tell a few stories you may not have heard yet.

Come on out and see the legend who launched millions of gold platters for Atlantic Records. Tim McLoone’s Supper Club is located on the Asbury Park Boardwalk. Doors are at 6 p.m. and the show gets underway at 8 p.m.

For tickets or reservations, go to or give them a call at 1-732-774-1400.

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