Although there are so many bands out there that are classified as indie or alternative, Murder By Death possess something that not many others have. The new record, Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon is a release full of charisma in how it is put together.

If there is one thing about Murder By Death that stands out most, it would have to be the vocals. It sounds like there are some very heavy influences coming from “The Man In Black,” Johnny Cash. This type of singing in low pitches can be found mostly within the first track, “My Hill.” As the album progresses, it fluctuates between upbeat songs and slower numbers. It goes without saying that this is an all-around solid release.

While there are many bands, especially alternative/indie, that experiment with various stringed instruments like the cello or violin, Murder By Death are one of the few that do it tastefully. The cello in this record is played with a lower tone that fits perfectly with the rest of the band’s sound. There is a track halfway through called “The Curse Of Elkhart” with extreme roots in dark folk music. This song is the hit of the disc because it really shows how Murder By Death have no fear when it comes to exploring new horizons with their music.

The group has accomplished enough with their new album to make any person discovering them for the first time feel the urge to check out their live performance. There are already too many bands trying to do too many different things in the industry today, though those that find ways to produce material of this quality are few and far between.

In A Word: Fantastic

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