Aeges are one of those new bands that possess something special to their sound, aching to be exploded into the ears of anybody privileged enough to hear it. It is very difficult to categorize their latest record, The Bridge, as anything short of hard rock and roll. Before discussing the album in sound, it is important to know of its creators.

The members of Aeges come from a variety of fantastic bands including Pelican, The Rise and 16. Each member seems to branch out with plenty of enthusiasm in their playing. There’s a lot of progressive metal from the ’90s going on in both the drum and vocal sections. The catalog begins heavy and deep. A consistent drumbeat is complemented by lower tuned stringed instruments. “Southern Comfort” has a breakdown in it that makes it impossible not to head bang. Vocals in “Doesn’t Feel The Same” are as vicious as ever before the next few tracks are led into more harmonious parts. Even the soft sections of The Bridge sound heavy in how they are conducted and played. Recording quality sounds nothing short of perfect for this style of music. Everything is very clear and understandable, in the sense that there are not too many technicalities.

If Aeges were to make it big overnight, it wouldn’t come as a surprise with anthemic yet dirty style. For a band just starting out, they seem to be doing well for themselves, performing alongside acts such as Coheed And Cambria. What we all come to need, however, is for these brilliant Californians to come around for a headlining tour.

In A Word: Gritty

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