Majestico: Love Is God

Majestico’s Love Is God is one of those releases that are tough to get tired of. The EP draws one’s attention in immediately with slightly distorted vocals and overall slickness of the title-track. Instead of lengthy numbers that drone on, Majestico’s brief, yet still memorable, eclectic punk meets power rock songs throttle them forward from the first note. With the longest song on the release hitting just over the four-minute mark, “Love Is God” is the perfect listen to amp up one’s energy in a short amount of time. Picking up where “Love Is God” left off, “Gimme Love” swoops in with a sleek bass groove, swanky guitar riffs, and flirty keys to really add some extra love into the already sweet release. By the time the cut ends, Graham Fitzpenn, the love greedy vocalist/guitarist behind Majestico, is screeching about love as the piece fades out and into “Boom Boom.”

In contrast to the high-energy, in-your-face tracks from before “Boom Boom” tones down the sporadic feel on Love Is God and substitutes a smooth, chill vibe in its place. Fitzpenn mellows down his loud and brash vocals for a silkier, sultry tone that is complementary to the overall number’s retro jive. And as the release comes to a close, “Bright White Lady” breaks the mold of Majestico’s short and crisp tracks. The slightly poppier jam on Love Is God closes the EP with a minor dose of misogyny as Fitzpenn implies that it’s shocking that a woman speaks and that a woman gets back home because her man tells her to. Up until the finale, Love Is God is a short, impressive, catchy collection of pieces, which will likely leave a mark on those who give it a chance.

In A Word: Crisp